ROOF Cleaning

We realize how important it is to keep your property’s exterior looking clean fresh and inviting. This very reason is why here at Optimal Power Washing, LLC we offer Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services. The low pressure roof cleaning method we use to clean roofs are Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers[ARM] approved.

What are those Unsightly Stains on your Roof?
Roof stains are caused by the growth of algae, lichens colonies or moss that feed on the organic matter frequently found on roof surfaces.

What are the causes?
Algae, is a living organism that thrives on dust, pollen and other organic materials that make up the roof. The least sun exposed side encourages growth to that side, which tend to be the northern and western side of the house which is normally heavily shaded.

Why you should have your Roof Cleaned?
Removing the algae and mold from your roof not only improves the appearance of your home but it actually extends the life of your roof. Algae will cause your roof to rapidly deteriorate and fail long before it should. In addition moss absorbs and hold water and lift shingles over time moreover, black algae causes more heat to be absorbed from the sun, increasing your energy cost when you are trying to cool your home during the summer months. Keeping your roof clean will prolong the life of your roof thereby preventing costly roof replacement and lowering energy cost.

How is the cleaning done?
Here at Optimal Power Washing, LLC our professionally trained employees specialize in low pressure chemical cleaning that kills the algae at it roots and spores. Our low pressure application of a non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemical will not harm your children, animals or plants followed by a low pressure rinse. We always make effective green practices one of our top priorities.