6 Reasons External Building Cleaning is Vital

6 Reasons External Building Cleaning is Vital

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Building’s Exterior Clean

Businesses are increasingly concerned with maintaining an image designed to present themselves optimally to their clients, customers, and audience. And the best way to start is to maintain a clean outdoor presence. The old saying goes, “a first impression is a lasting impression.”

This article discusses the reasons external building cleaning is vital. 

The exterior walls of your building are exposed to many harmful elements, including dust, mold, algae, dirt, and corrosive air. By scheduling external building cleaning services regularly, you will not only have a clean and attractive building but one that is protected from the outdoor elements. 

Pollutants Affect the Indoor Air Quality

As the outside elements in the air accumulate on your building structure, it can create an unhealthy working environment for your employees and customers.

Outdoor pollutants such as mold, a biological agent, can enter buildings through open windows, doors, cracks in structures and ventilation systems. In addition, entering can inadvertently bring dirt and dust from their clothing and shoes, along with pollutants that stick to those particles inside the building.

Avoid Condensation Build-up

Condensation is moisture that collects on cold surfaces, such as windows, walls, doors, and roofs. Therefore, the formation between the interior and exterior will damage the building’s construction. For example, constant exposure to steel and wood framing will cause decay and corrosion; for roofs, condensation causes degradation of wood sheathing, cover boards, insulation, and fasteners.

In addition, because stone and masonry veneers retain moisture, this moisture can easily migrate into a building, causing internal damage.

If condensation is not dealt with properly, it can lead to dangerous mold.

Keep Insects Away

As we mentioned, condensation and moisture are damaging to the structure of a building; moisture is also attractive to pests and insects, especially wood on exterior surfaces. For example, if condensation has caused cracks and crevices in the external wall frames, these are perfect spots for insects such as wasps, bees, and hornets to nest.

6 Reasons External Building Cleaning is Vital, keep insects away

Improve Curb Appeal

Have you ever noticed the siding of a building discolored? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon when there is a large amount of exposure to sunlight and acid rain. Pressure washing is the first and most essential step to maintaining the beautiful fresh look of the siding to eliminate any discoloration.


Safety is of utmost importance for all those who visit a commercial building. The build-up of dirt, grime, mold, and algae is a hazard to the air quality and can put those entering the space at a slip and fall risk.

Increases Properties Value

A clean exterior boosts curb appeal: it can impress a potential buyer, resulting in increased building value.

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