7 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For The Spring

7 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For The Spring

Building a deck in the US can cost you between $4,380 to $10,500. When you choose to make this significant investment in your home, you want to take care of it.

What better time to care for your deck than in spring, just before you’re ready to spend all the beautiful spring days on the deck?

Wondering how to get your deck ready for spring?

Read on to learn how to prepare your deck for the spring season so it looks great and well cared for.

1. Clean Off the Surface of Your Deck

Once the snow and ice clear from your deck and the spring fever kicks in, it’s time to prepare the deck for the spring season. Start by removing any furniture and pots you left out over the winter months.

Clean the deck off with any leaves and debris so you can get a good view of the deck surface.

2. Get Rid of Mold and Other Growth

This is the season when you’re likely to see small growths of mold and slime in the cracks and crevices of your deck. This is especially true if wet leaves are on the deck.

A power washer can blast the mold out of cracks where it has started to grow. Before this, you can treat these areas with a combination of laundry detergent and water or equal parts water and vinegar to prevent more growth.

However, we mentioned the word “blast,” perhaps not the best word, as we will discuss below.

3. Power Wash the Deck

If you have applied your deck with mold and mildew cleaner, it’s time to power wash.

However, we recommend leaving this all to a professional power-washing company. If the power-washing is not done correctly, severe damage can be done to a once-beautiful deck. And why spend time applying cleaners than power washing? A professional incorporates it all into one process, leaving your deck looking as best it can and with no damage.

4. Power Wash Deck Furniture

In addition, to the deck surface being cleaned, let the professionals clean your outdoor furniture and other outdoor elements. They will do it all safely and neatly.

5. Do Deck Repairs

Once your deck is cleaned, it’s an excellent time to scrutinize it. Look closely for loose boards or boards that might be rotting.

Get those boards replaced before it’s time for regular use of the deck.

6. Restain Deck

Now that the deck area is clean and in good shape, it’s a wise time to stain or treat the wood. This is a crucial step if you have bare wood after power washing.

Making sure you get the deck treated helps to protect it for the long term.

7. Bring Out Decor and Plants

Finally, it’s time to make your deck aesthetically inviting for the spring season. Consider a new outdoor rug under your patio table.

Arrange your deck furniture and bring out cushions and pillows. If it’s cool in the spring, consider adding a few soft blankets to the backs of chairs for chilly spring nights.

Plant some early spring flowers like pansies in your pots for a burst of early spring on the deck.

7 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For The Spring

Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

The quicker you get your deck ready for spring, the faster you can start enjoying the morning coffee and evening gatherings with friends and family.

If you need a power washing company to help get your deck in shape for spring, we can help. Contact Optimal Power Washing for all your power washing needs, and we’ll clean your deck for spring, and it will be a beautiful and clean as ever.

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