Difference: Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Difference: Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

If you’ve ever admired a lovely home from afar, you know that it has interesting architectural features and appears well-maintained and fresh. So how do they do this, power washing vs. pressure washing?

You already know the architecture part. The homeowners work to keep the home in such pristine condition. But how can a home have such a clean and maintained appearance and have it add much value to the home?

That likely means regular cleaning done on the home’s exterior, like on the interior. You’ve probably heard of power washing vs. pressure washing for outdoor surfaces.

Read on to learn the differences between pressure and power washing and which is best for your exterior surfaces.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Some homeowners own small personal pressure washing machines. They use them to pressure wash off their driveway after a storm or to clean off deck furniture.

Pressure washing is similar to power washing, but it uses cold water. In small pressure washing machines, you might have less control over the amount of pressure released in the spray of water.

Pressure washing is often used on hard surfaces like concrete driveways and sidewalks. Often pressure washing won’t use soap or cleaning substances but instead uses powered room-temperature water.

What Is Power Washing?

Some people use the term power washing and pressure washing synonymously. While they have similarities, they aren’t the same.

Power washing also uses high-pressure steamed water to clean. The water, however, is hot. So, when you opt, for example, to power wash the exterior of your home, a combination of high-pressurized water and heat is used to clean the surface.

Most professional power-washing companies can use various cleaning substances to work their magic on a dirty surface.

How Are Pressure Washing and Power Washing Different?

While the terms are sometimes used like it’s the same, pressure washing and power washing have a few key differences.

One of the key differences is heat. Power washing uses heated water, while pressure washing does not.

Pressure washing is often done at very high pressure on hard surfaces. Power washing will adjust the pressure depending on what’s being cleaned, even adjusting the nozzle depending on the surface’s demands.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Professional pressure and or power washing is the route when exterior surfaces need a good cleaning. The pros not only have the right equipment but also know the amount of pressure appropriate to get the job done correctly without causing damage to the surface.

For example, if the siding on your home has layers of dirt and grime built up, they’ll use a particular multi-step process with cleaning products and water to clean those surfaces while not damaging them.

How a professional power and pressure washer approaches cleaning depends on the surface type. Power washing is not appropriate for all surfaces.

Know the Difference Between Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Understanding the difference between power washing vs. pressure washing can help you decide which method is most effective for your needs.

If exterior surfaces need cleaning, let us help you decide how best to get the job done. Contact Optimal today for a free estimate for your power washing vs. pressure washing needs.

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