Parking Garage Cleaning, Why Pressure Washing?

Parking Garage Cleaning, Why Pressure Washing

Why Power Washing Is Beneficial for Parking Garage Cleaning

A parking garage is often the first thing customers experience when visiting a business. You may have a well-designed logo with a catchy slogan. You might even offer customers coffee and water once they come inside.

If they walk through a dingy, dirty and unsafe garage to get to you, their first impression on their way may be a lasting one.

A clean parking garage goes a long way towards putting your business in the best light possible. But the image isn’t the only issue when it’s not clean and maintained. 

As a commercial property owner of a garage that houses many vehicles for perhaps the businesses within your commercial property or those businesses that use your garage, the garage must be clean and safe. 

Read on and explore why your garage must be maintained and the benefits of parking garage cleaning.

Parking Garage Cleaning, Why Pressure Washing

Your Business Needs a Clean Parking Lot

If you’ve ever parked your car in a dirty, grimy parking garage, you understand why the owner needs to pay attention to cleanliness. You probably didn’t feel comfortable driving into the garage, much less getting out of your car.

Time is the worst enemy of dingy, dirty parking lots and parking garages.

If you ignore the grime for a month or two, you’ll notice the surface begins to look dull. Over time, the garage will look worn-out and neglected.

Parking garage pressure washing can restore your parking garage’s sparkle, look, and feel. The same applies to parking decks and lots.

Safety Hazards and Parking Garages

When you consider the different substances that collect on the floor in a concrete parking garage, it’s no wonder the National Safety Council lists debris as one cause of parking garage slip-and-fall accidents.

Without routine cleaning, parking garage floors accumulate:

  • Oil and other vehicle fluid residues
  • Chewing gum
  • Dirt

You might even find moss, mold, and algae on the parking garage surface in certain climates.

The reason it’s so dangerous to ignore things like oil on a parking garage floor because it creates slick spots. Also, if you don’t remove chewing gum and other debris, these substances fill cracks in the cement or asphalt, creating a smooth surface.

Experts at Optimal Power Wash suggest that commercial property owners often deep clean a parking garage to avoid slip-and-fall hazards and driving hazards.

You’ll keep your business owners and those surrounding businesses feeling comfortable and safe. You’ll also minimize your risk for a liability claim if a customer falls and sustains an injury.

Pressure Wash to Prevent Damage

When you allow grimy residue to build upon the surface of a parking garage floor, you risk damage to the surface. You also put the garage structure at risk.

You see, all that grime and dirt sticks in the cracks. Slowly, the sealant joints will expand. So will the structural joints.

If ignored, expansion could cause costly damage. To maintain the integrity of your parking garage, regular pressure washing is vital. In addition, scheduling routine parking lot cleaning helps prevent premature wear and tear on painted striping.

Schedule Routine Parking Garage Cleaning Today

We all want businesses to thrive and be successful. But, as a garage parking lot owner, you must understand the importance of maintaining your parking garage. A tidy and safe place to park vehicles is a must.

Contact Optimal Power Washing today for an estimate. Our parking garage cleaning service will help you make the best impression on your business customers and other visitors.

We’re a leading power washing company in the Philadelphia area and look forward to partnering with you. 

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