Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY

Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY

Cleaning and Care: Your Guide to Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY

You know the adage, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and this applies to DIY power washing.

While you can rent a power washer, the reality is there’s a reason professional companies do this work. It requires skill, knowledge, and specialized equipment to do it right.

Is professional power washing worth it? In short, yes, it’s worth hiring a professional for various reasons. If you’re having the professional power washing vs. DIY debate, read on to learn why this is one time to hire a pro.

Can I Do the Pressure Washing Myself?

What happens if you power wash yourself? There are a host of things that could go wrong. First, ask yourself, do you know how to power wash? Handling a power washer is not like holding a hose.

Power washing requires skills and experience to know how to tackle the job. While you might want your house to look good, do you know what the job entails to get it done?

Do you know what surfaces are safe to power wash? How much pressure can they safely handle? What’s safe for chemicals for cleaning? These are all questions that a professional knows how to handle.

Power Washing Equipment

Power washing requires specialized equipment, including the power washer, ladders, chemicals, and safety gear.

The power washers have different settings depending on what’s being washed. Too much pressure can damage a surface and cause more harm than good.

You might not, for example, know that washing the siding of a house is done with a technique called soft washing. In addition, it is vital to pressure wash roofs correctly to avoid unnecessary damage.

Using the right amount of pressure when power washing is critically important to prevent unnecessary damage to the services of your home.

Power Washing Chemicals

One of the big power washing mistakes a DIYer can make is using the wrong chemicals to clean the surfaces. They can also mix them incorrectly, harming surfaces and even killing landscaping and plants around the home.

Professional power washers use chemicals that are non-abrasive and biodegradable cleaners. It prevents damage to surfaces and plant life.

Still, someone using these chemicals that’s mixed them wrong can cause damage to the home. You’ll see streaking marks on surfaces instead of just clean, pristine surfaces.


What happens if you power wash yourself? Well, you could injure yourself with the power washer. You might be surprised to learn that power washers can tear your clothing and skin and cause actual harm to an inexperienced user.

You could also fall trying to reach certain spots on your house.

A professional power washing company has the correct license and insurance to protect their business and you.


One of the most significant benefits of power washing is the experience of hiring a professional. There’s a reason others pay them for their services.

Because they have done this type of work many times on many different types of surfaces, they have the experience to know how to approach the job and get it done right the first time.

Professional Power Washing vs. DIY, Hire the Pro

When it comes down to deciding on professional power washing vs. DIY, there are many reasons to hire a professional. It ensures you get the work done well the first time.

If you’re looking for power washing services, we can help. Contact us at Optimal Power Washing for a free estimate to get your home power washed.

We service the Pennsylvania areas within Philadelphia and beyond and the surrounding New Jersey and Delaware areas.

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