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Professional Exterior Pressure Washing & Exhaust System Cleaning for Restaurants

Many restaurant owners are so focused on the internal components, such as food, seating and ambiance, they lose focus on the exterior. Yet, often neglected, the exterior is the first thing patrons see, and there is nothing better than a great first impression. If you have outdoor seating, you can increase ROI by keeping this area clean and debris-free. If you have a garbage area that contains dumpsters for food waste, it is essential to keep this area clean so no food or odors are present.

Our professionals are ready to keep the exterior of your restaurant sparkling clean with our advanced technology power washing, pressure washing and soft washing equipment.

Restaurant Pressure Washing, Exhaust System Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

The condition of your restaurant’s exterior speaks volumes about what may be in the interior.

A professionally cleaned restaurant upholds a high level of cleanliness and professionalism. In addition, a clean and well-kept exterior of a restaurant tells the patrons that the owners take pride in what they offer.

A pristine outside environment has a significant impact and a welcoming effect on those who want to eat inside. If the outside is kept clean, visitors will feel more comfortable that the food they are about to eat is safe with a well-sanitized kitchen inside.

In contrast, a dirty building, parking lot and entranceway may inadvertently send your customers elsewhere to dine. 

Optimal Power Washing allows our restaurant owners to send the right message even before entering the front door. 

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Restaurant Pressure Washing, Exhaust System Cleaning

Exhaust System Cleaning

Did you know that kitchen grease fires cause more than 200 million dollars in property damage annually?

With grease build-up, restaurant kitchen exhaust systems extract flammable vapors and smoke which pose a significant danger. In addition, appliances directly above the cooking stoves such as oven hoods, fans and vents catch vapors and feed them into the exhaust system.

In many instances, cooks and bussers are responsible for cleaning these appliances; however, after a long, hot and busy day in the restaurant kitchen, it’s not uncommon for these chores to get neglected. 

As thousands of restaurants are ravaged by grease-borne exhaust system fires, Don’t let your restaurant become a statistic!

All our cleanings are performed following NFPA 96 standards, keeping you in compliance with fire & safety regulations while simultaneously keeping your entire system operating at peak performance and as safely as possible.

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