Retail Strip Malls, Shopping Center Pressure Washing

Retail Strip Malls, Shopping Center Pressure Washing

Power Washing Shopping Centers: 5 Important Tips

Survey results found that 95% of consumers feel that the exterior of a store is one of the most important parts of deciding where to shop. 50% will leave if it’s poorly maintained. 80% will try a new store if it’s clean and inviting.

Power washing shopping centers is an essential part of exterior cleaning. It removes pollutants from the air, keeps condensation and mold from building up, keeps insects away, and improves your store’s curb appeal and value.

Read on for five power washing tips to keep the exterior of your strip mall and shopping center clean and inviting.

1. Have a Regular Power Washing Schedule and Plan

Cleaning shopping centers is not a one-time job. It should be a regular part of the daily task of running your business.

Make a plan that includes which surfaces to clean and how often. Ensure it meets all local ordinances and won’t disturb nearby stores or tenants.  

2. Consider The Type of Center

There are several types of shopping centers, including:

  • Super-regional malls
  • Regional malls
  • Community centers
  • Strip and convenience stores
  • Power centers
  • Lifestyle centers
  • Factory or outlet centers
  • Theme or festival centers
  • Airport retail. 

Tailor your power washing method on your shop exterior to match the type it fits into. Grocery stores need hot water to remove grease and food, while pet stores need particular cleaning supplies to clean and sanitize pet waste.  

3. Get the Right Tools

Power washing retail business exteriors require the right equipment for the job. Make sure you have the appropriate chemicals and washer and that you have a consistent water supply.

4. Prevent Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is one of the main dangers to consider when power washing shopping centers. Dirty water and residue can leak into your store and cause damage.

Certain parts of your store make this issue more likely, including faulty window seals, gaps around doors, and drop-box openings. Pay extra attention when pressure washing near them.

5. Consider Costs

Make sure you measure the square footage of the area you want cleaned. Retail strip mall pressure washing to clean a few stores won’t be as expensive as washing the exterior of a sizeable super-regional mall.

Don’t forget to add in any other services you may require, such as:

These factors can help you determine the cost of your pressure washing job. Compare them with the rates of the company you’ve hired to do it.

Where to Get Help with Power Washing Shopping Centers

The exterior of a store can be the difference between whether customers come in to shop or not. Power washing shopping centers are one of the best ways to ensure they open the door.

Making a plan that fits your store type helps you know what areas need washed and when. It’s also essential to have the right tools, prevent water intrusion, and ensure you can afford it all.

As you search, “shopping center power washing near me,” keep in mind that by hiring a professional, the cost may far outweigh the time, stress and expenses of a do-it-yourself job.

Request a free quote from Optimal Power Washing, LLC to learn more about our commercial retail strip malls and shopping center pressure washing services.

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