Vinyl Siding Cleaning Pressure Washing Services

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Pressure Washing Services

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Pressure Washing: Optimal Power Washing

Drive through any neighborhood in your town and take note of whether you see more brick homes or more homes covered with vinyl siding. You’ll likely see a lot of vinyl siding. U.S. Census data from 2021 shows that vinyl is the second most common home exterior.

Most homeowners love vinyl siding because it’s known for being low maintenance. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean any maintenance. Vinyl siding still needs regular care.

Over time, vinyl will lose its luster. In some climates, it will even be yellow due to oxidation.

Vinyl siding cleaning is what you need to keep your home or business’s exterior looking pristine. Read on and find out how Optimal Power Washing can help.

Typical Vinyl Siding Cleaning Issues

Even though vinyl siding doesn’t require tedious care, it’s common to become covered in dirt, pollen, or mold. From windstorms to cars throwing up muddy water when they drive by to grass from your lawnmower, you’ve seen it all, and it doesn’t look pleasant.

Pressure washing the dirt off your siding not only makes your home look better but also helps extend the life of the siding.

Moisture is not your friend. Rain and humidity come in contact with your vinyl siding and create a breeding ground for mold. Ignoring outdoor mold can set you up for health problems.

Pressure washing, done by a company specializing in vinyl siding cleaning services, is the best way to get rid of mold and mildew.

The experts at Optimal Power Washing know how much damage the simplest things in life can do to vinyl siding. For example, if you enjoy outdoor grilling, it’s easy to splatter oils and grease. Guests, family, and even you can deposit oils from your skin onto the vinyl siding.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

The good news is if your siding is starting to look dingy and grimy, there’s a solution. Power washing can bring it back to life in an afternoon.

If you’re dealing with vinyl oxidation, there’s an answer for that too. However, it’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor that professionals best handle.

Between your routine siding maintenance—which should include yearly pressure washing—you can keep grimy buildup to a minimum.

A garden hose, soft cloth or brush, and a gentle detergent are all you need. Then, when your pressure washing service visits, they’ll handle the deeper cleaning. 

Benefits of Power Washing Vinyl Siding

A power washer trumps the standard garden hose for several reasons. Power washing done by a professional using proper techniques and nozzles ensures clean siding without damage.

Professional pressure washing equipment is the quickest way to deal with the chalky substance left behind by vinyl siding oxidation. It’s also the best method to use when you discover mold growing on your siding.

Optimal Power Washing brings years of experience in cleaning vinyl siding. They know which solutions work, and they’ve mastered the tools and techniques required to handle this type of project safely and efficiently.

Contact Optimal Power Washing to Schedule Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Whether you’re dealing with discoloration due to vinyl oxidation or you need to remove years of dirt and grime, there’s nothing better for vinyl siding cleaning than pressure washing.

The key is not waiting to call. Oxidation and grimy buildup don’t go away. Instead, they slowly ruin your siding.

The experts at Optimal Power Washing want to help bring beauty back to your home. Contact our team today and request a free quote.

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