The historical buildings in and around the Philadelphia area are an important part of our local culture and tourism industry and should be treated as such.

At Optimal Power Washing we understand that historical buildings and landmarks require a special level of care that differs from conventional exterior cleaning methods. Our goal is to always pay special attention towards preserving the building’s historical accuracy and integrity while keeping the exterior surfaces clean & free of damaging pollutants and contaminants.

We provide the proper Exterior Cleaning services to properly preserve and maintain:
…. Churches
…. Cathedrals
…. Historical Buildings
…. Government Buildings
…. Monuments & Memorials
…. Brick & Stone Pointings

Our services include:
…. Masonry Cleaning
…. Brick Cleaning
…. Roof Cleaning
…. Concrete Cleaning
…. Exterior Painting
& much more!

Contact us today to see how we can preserve our proud history the way it was meant to be seen!