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Keeping the exterior of your commercial property clean is an arduous task; therefore, hiring a professional with the knowledge, experience, skill, and the newest environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and power washing equipment is vital. Pressure washing services must adapt to the cleaning needs at hand. Building structures, roofs, parking lots, walkways and other areas on commercial properties are handled differently. Continue to read to see the full line of commercial power washing services Optimal Power Washing offers.

commercial pressure washing, exterior cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Keeping your commercial building clean with a professional appearance is what we do best!

It only takes about five seconds for a first impression to form. Have you heard the old saying that a first impression is the last one? Research has proven this to be true.

When it comes to your business, never leave first impressions to chance – keeping your commercial building pristine and well-maintained all year long is vital.

Let your customer list grow and flourish with our fast and affordable commercial building exterior cleaning services.

Trust us, your existing customers and potential new ones will notice.

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Commercial Pressure Washing,Power Washing, concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Clean concrete looks great, but it also prevents “slip & fall” lawsuits.

Concrete on commercial properties can take a beating. Entranceways to buildings, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, drive-thru lanes and even dumpster pads are subjected to wear and tear due to harsh elements year-round. 

When it comes to cleaning and power washing concrete, it must be done with care. Not all concrete surfaces have the same durability, with some weaker than others. Therefore, incorrect pressure washing can degrade a concrete surface by developing lines, pitting and other imperfections. The damage can be visible and irreversible. 

Optimal Power Washing has the knowledge, experience and HOT WATER cleaning equipment to get the job done right without any damage.

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Properties We Service

Commercial Pressure Washing, Property Management

Property Management

Let Optimal help you keep your community clean and inviting!

As a Property Manager, you know how vital it is to keep up the appearance of your community, not only for aesthetics but also to increase the property’s value. As appearance is critical to achieving this, preventative maintenance is also vital to ensure the safety of all. For example, dirt and mildew can make walkways slippery and hazardous

With people continuously coming and going, commercial properties are bound to have the usual wear and tear. Its the external structures that are most vulnerable to harsh environmental forces.

We set property managers up with cleanings to avoid any issues. Let everyone who lives or visits enjoy the benefits of the pristine clean property.

Our Services Include

Properties We Service

Commercial Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

With the proper care, roofs can reach their life expectancy.

Without the proper roof cleaning and care, roofs can develop a variety of problems, such as unwanted vegetation growth, drainage issues and a reduction in energy efficiency.

Proper cleaning is vital so not to damage the roof system. It will also maximize the value of the building and extend the life of the roof. 

Commercial Pressure Washing, awning cleaning

Awning Cleaning

Awnings need special care to keep the material strong and the colors vibrant.

Optimal Power Washing has been cleaning awnings for years. It is crucial to use the proper cleaning methods not to damage the awnings and extend their lifespan when cleaning. In the long run, keeping them clean and vivid save unexpected additional costs later and will provide a welcoming entrance to your business.

Commercial Pressure Washing, post construction cleaning

Post-Construction Cleanup

New construction often needs an extra special touch.

It is not uncommon for the need for plaster dust, paint overspray, and excess bricking mortar to be cleaned. If not, it can be unsightly and dangerous for the new tenants.

We get new buildings and complexes off to a safe and sparkling clean start.



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