Hospitals & Healthcare Facility Pressure Washing

Hospitals & Healthcare Facility Pressure Washing

The Importance of Commercial Pressure Washing for Your Hospital & Healthcare Facility

Cleanliness in healthcare facilities is a top priority for hospital administrations. On the inside, patients and visitors expect clean, sanitized surfaces and gleaming floors. If outside appears unkempt, your reputation is at stake. 

What’s the best solution to clean the grounds, sidewalks, and parking lots?

You could utilize your groundskeeping team. However, there’s a limit to what groundskeepers can do to address problem areas.

To maintain an award-winning appearance for your hospital and healthcare facility, you should consider hiring a commercial pressure washing contractor.

Pressure washing for hospitals and healthcare facilities can provide a much-needed facelift. Read on and learn more about what this service entails and what it can do for your facility.

Differences Between a Residential vs. a Commercial Pressure Wash

It’s easy to assume there’s not much difference between the pressure washer you can buy at the local home improvement store and the one used for commercial jobs. Sometimes, the machines look similar, but you’ll find significant differences under the hood.

A residential pressure washer typically can’t put out much more than 2800 psi. It can help tackle the normal grime buildup on driveways, siding, and roofs. It can even help a homeowner get a deck ready for painting.

It can’t handle the volume of dirt, grime, and other debris that accumulates on the grounds of a large hospital.

Commercial equipment is more powerful and durable. You won’t see a professional pressure washing contractor show up with a machine that isn’t robust enough for the job. They may even arrive with a truck-mounted system.

How Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Hospitals and healthcare facilities often fall victim to neglect—both inside and out—and when patients have more choices for where they receive healthcare, you can’t afford to ignore the outside of your hospital.

Take a deep look at the grounds and the exterior of the building. Take note of visible issues such as:

  • Dirty sidewalks
  • Dingy parking lots
  • Cobwebs
  • Graffiti
  • Algae growth

Any of these could turn patients off enough that they’ll choose another local facility to receive medical care.

Pressure Washing for a Hospital Ensures Safety

If you’re in charge of administration at a hospital, pressure washing the exterior of your facility can prevent a decrease in patient admissions.

Going beyond the issue of a possible reduction in patient admissions, hospitals must maintain safe facilities. Allowing dirt and grime to build up on sidewalks or parking lots and garages creates a potential safety hazard.

Keeping the hospital’s exterior clean not only shows patients you care about their well-being while they’re receiving medical care. It also shows you care about their safety before they walk through your doors.

Tip: Three million people suffer injuries from falls every year. Those falls require a visit to the ER. Don’t let a grimy or debris-filled parking lot create a slip-and-fall hazard for patients and visitors.

How to Find a Commercial Pressure Washing Company

When you search for commercial pressure washing near me online, you’ll find several businesses that claim they handle commercial jobs.

Not every contractor has the advantage of industrial pressure washing equipment. Many are only set up for residential projects.

The professionals at Optimal Power Washing are licensed and certified to perform pressure washing at any commercial business, including healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

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